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The Apron

Of the many symbolic emblems of Freemasonry, none is more iconic than the lamb skin apron. Alien outside of the lodge, within the tiled lodge it represents the totality of what it means to be a Mason. It's said to be more noble than the Roman Eagle or the Golden Fleece, the Masonic apron is literally, the badge of a Mason carried with him into the next existence.

As you can see Brethren, the apron is not just a piece of regalia we wear simply to distinguish the different degrees of Freemasons or even for cosmetic effect and pomp. It is a vital part of our ritual and why any Mason in a lodge who is not wearing his Masonic apron is considered quite rightly to be improperly dressed. Thus it will be seen that our apron is a very honorable garment, one that we should treasure. It is an apron made of lambskin, pure white, without fault or stain - the color of the soul as mortal man sees it. It is ours and it now depends upon each of us to keep it without blemish - to keep it as a mirror of our soul that we may stand the final test when we reach into the Life Eternal - which is beyond.

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