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...and we're back!

Such a joyful day for brethren to come together once again! After more than a year of our lodge being closed to all Masonic activities and Social gatherings, the time has finally arrived to be able to once again meet in-person, shake hands and catch up on the events that has played out during the whole pandemic, to see those smiling familiar and friendly faces and feel the warmth of once again shaking a brother's hand felt like a splash of refreshing cool water that gave an invigorating sense of renewal and validation that we are indeed back!

Thank you brethren for your resilience, patience and your never ending support to our mother lodge! Thank you also to Atwater Hall Association for taking the necessary steps into making our first in-person meeting safe for all!

To the Supreme Grand Master be the glory /G\ SMIB!

July 2021 Stated Meeting. Post Pandemic Re-opening

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