Environmental Awareness Drawing Contest


Mail-in submissions must be received May 6th, 2022

Paper Size

11 x14 Premium Art Paper / Vellum / Drawing Card Stock


Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Crayon, Color Pencil


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Our current times have proven more challenging with a lot of uncertainty for the world, The ever changing climate, calamities and natural disasters is like our world telling us that something has to be done! If there is one thing we can always rely on is the never-ending capacity of children, our youth to dream for a better world. Through children's eyes and imagination, we receive clear and unmasked views of today's main problems as well as fresh and unbiased perception on appropriate actions. There is nothing like children's expressions of hopes and dreams, to bring in to focus for all of us, what is truly important in life.


With this competition, I am hoping to bring a fresh sense of perspective coming from the eyes of the future generation, to bring awareness and urgency to our current global climate conditions, a visualization and perception from our young minds, their untainted and unbiased idea and how they visualize the earth of the future.

W. Neil D. Gonzales

Drawing contest_edited_edited.png

Kindly submit application to:

ALTP614 | Drawing Competition

Attn: Bro. Neil Gonzales

2927 Rowena Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA 90039